The Golf League Championship (GLC) completed a second successful season in 2006 and we are ready to embark on another full year of tournament activity.  The MGCOA GLC 2007 season will be expanded to include new features for the players such as random prizes throughout the summer as well as new features on the website for communication and information. The 2007 Golf League Championship will be everything that it’s intended to be and more, for many golf seasons to come. Here is a reminder of what the MGLC has to offer.

Okay… I’m a league golfer… why am I interested the LCS?

·          The Comfort
     Of participating in a series where rules and oversight are consistently applied.
     Of a statewide network unified by a respected organization such as the MGCOA.
·          The Ease
     Of instant access to my league information via the Internet at www.migolfleague.com.
     Of communicating with others in my league via email.
·          The Fun
     Of comparing my game against other golfers throughout the LCS.
     Of seeing how my team stacks up against other teams in the LCS.
·          The Challenge
    That extended competition brings to league play.
     Of qualifying to participate at a next level.
·          The Chance
     To play in a championship tournament at a championship course.
     To be crowned a State Champion!

Okay… I’m a golf course owner… why am I interested in the LCS?

·          The Continuity
     Resulting from being a standard bearer.
     Resulting from the sense of belonging to something greater than what was.
·          The Resource
     Available through the specific identification of league golfers.
     Produced through customer relationship management (CRM) opportunities.
·          The Retention
     Gained by giving leagues and golfers another reason to return in following years.
     Gained through a high end, low cost deliverable that will be unmatched in the industry
·          The Growth
     Realized by offering golfers extended products and services.
     Realized through the attraction of offering golfers something that no other organization has.
·          The Exposure
     Resulting from hosting a one of a kind, high profile series.
     Resulting from crowning State League Champions.

There are many more positive answers to the question “why?”.  But, we think as equally important is to understand how few answers there are to the question “why not?”  Effectively, the MGCOA and Handicomp have identified a market where golfing experiences can be enhanced and we’re investing time and resources into making the GLC a powerful experience, unequaled in the industry.  MGCOA members can join us in promoting and developing the GLC into something that we can hang our golf hats on for years to come.

Go to www.migolfleague.com to learn more or call Kate Moore at the MGCOA office (800-860-8575).

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